Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth: Vegan Chocolate Truffles

vegan chocolate truffles

My chocolate cravings are nothing compared to the profound choco-lust of lifelong chocoholics. I tend to prefer sweets with lots of cinnamon or vanilla. Every once in a while though, nothing else will do. Sometimes a body just needs chocolate, you know? Unfortunately, there’s nothing in the US Constitution about an inalienable right to chocolate.

…I assume that’s just an oversight.

Anyway, when the cravings strike, these vegan chocolate truffles are a good way to satisfy them. I first encountered them as an assistant in someone else’s kitchen and was an instant fan.

The truffles are intensely chocolatey: sweet but not cloying, rich but not overwhelming. Though you won’t want to stop eating these truffles once you start, they are satisfying enough that you really only need one or two. Read more…


Recovery Meal: Chocolate-Banana Protein Shake

Chocolate-Banana Protein Shake

There are a few things I absolutely must have after a workout:
     - a shower
     - a playlist appropriate for chilling out, maxing, and relaxing all cool
     - many, many ounces of water
     - an easily digestible protein source

This chocolate-banana protein shake is one of my favorite ways to achieve that last item. Normally, it doesn’t make much sense to indulge in something chocolatey after you’ve killed yourself at the gym. Why undo all that hard work? However, in this case, chocolate is not only permissible, but necessary. It makes downing that shot of post-workout protein (so important to muscle growth) much easier.  Read more…


Work-Week Lunch: Kale & Chickpea Rice Bowl

Chickpea and Kale Rice Bowl

As I mentioned in my post late last week, I’m doing a lot of Bikram yoga these days. To meet the physical demands of my practice, I have seriously upped my protein game.

My former go-to lunch during the week was something filling but ultimately light — like a big leafy salad or bowl of vegetable soup. That doesn’t really cut it for me these days. Those things have a time and a place, of course; they’re just not the kind of meal that can give me everything I need before a workout.

This kale and chickpea rice bowl is one of my new favorite meals. It’s not so different from my other veggie-based bowls — it just has a bit more nutritional heft. First of all, there is a ton of protein for meatless dish : 11 grams per serving. If you want to boost that stat even higher, have a hard boiled egg on the side for an extra 6 grams. There are lots of other happy nutritional moments happening in this bowl too: one serving has 132% of your vitamin A for the day, and 119% of your vitamin C.

Frozen kale and canned chickpeas make for easy prep. Toss everything in the pan with a little olive oil and you’re on your way. From start to finish, this dish takes maybe 30 minutes to prepare (and most of that time is spent waiting for the rice to cook). It keeps well in the fridge too, so you’ll have no trouble riding this meal out for a few days. Love it.

Recipe after the jump! Read more…


I’m Alive! (Also I Went to the Philippines and It Was Totally Amazing You Guys)

No, I haven’t fallen off a cliff or into a hot vat of puchero – I’ve just had a crazy few months. Some things that are new with me:

1. I went to the Philippines (literally the motherland for me) for the first time. I finally got to meet my Filipino family and see where we come from. And then, of course, there was the food.

Dude. …I ate all the things.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Read more…


Allll the Leftovers! Open-Faced Turkey Sandwich with Spicy Hummus and Melted Cheese

Open-faced turkey sandwich with spicy hummus and melted cheese

So it’s the day after Thanksgiving. You open your fridge, and all you see is turkey. It’s just like that Tennyson poem: “Turkey to the right of them, turkey to the left of them…”

…Ok, so maybe I’m *slightly* misquoting here, but you get the idea. There is a lot of turkey in this piece.

This open-faced turkey sandwich is a good place to start if you want to make progress through your Thanksgiving-leftover stockpile. It’s hardly a groundbreaking notion — turkey sandwiches are always a dietary staple in late November. The thing I like about this version is that it’s a relatively light (but still satisfying) take on the classic. I mean, do you really need to douse your sandwich in gravy and stack multiple meats as high as you can get them? Read more…

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