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The Smoothie Chronicles, Vol. 1: Banana-Coffee Smoothie

Banana-coffee SmoothieOver a week since my last post?! Has it really been that long? Forgive me. There’s just been so much going on the last few weeks. The biggest thing? I got a new job! Between wrapping up things at the old job and figuring out this new gig, I haven’t had much time for cooking.

However, since the temperature outside is roughly “surface of the sun,” I have MADE time to keep ways to keep cool. Homemade smoothies are high on the list.

Why are smoothies my new favorite thing ever? Well firstly, like I said before, the heat outside is absolutely unholy. An icy, homemade smoothie is a cheap and delicious way to cool off. Secondly, I have a kickass blender that doesn’t see nearly as much action as it should. I love any excuse to play with all my kitchen toys. Lastly? If you do it right, a smoothie is one of the quickest, healthiest breakfasts around.

This banana-coffee smoothie is one of the blended concoctions I’ve been obsessed with lately. Sooo thick and satisfying, with that little jolt of caffeine to help get you going in the morning. I sometimes make it with decaf coffee at night for a jitter-free dessert.

Sweet, cold, and creamy for about 130 calories? Yeah, you want it. Keep reading for the recipe. Read more…


Pancit Bihon (Filipino Chow Mein), featuring Shirataki Noodles!

Pancit Bihon

My mom only recently showed me how to make pancit. I always thought it was a slightly mysterious, mystical dish for some reason. Turns out pancit is actually quite simple to make — the one trick is making sure not to overcook the delicate rice stick noodles. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about that today.

Why? Because my version dispenses with the rice stick noodles altogether, calling for tofu shirataki noodles instead. That means this pancit (already a virtuous dish) is unbelievably low in calories and carbohydrates. A huge serving comes in under 200 calories!

Pancit is a little prep-intensive. It takes a few minutes to get all the vegetables chopped and ready. However, once the cutting is done and the actual cooking begins, pancit comes together quickly and easily. Its flavors are simple and comforting: garlic and onion, soy sauce, and bright lemon.

Pancit is perfect for potlucks or parties — it’s easy to make in bulk and adapt to all kinds of tastes. I used chicken here, but you can make yours with shrimp, pork, or just vegetables if you like. You can also use the traditional rice stick noodles instead of the shirataki if you prefer. Just look for the alternate instructions at the bottom of the recipe.

Keep reading to learn how to put this pancit together!

Read more…


Sweet Treat: Drunken Strawberries and Coconut Cream

Drunken Strawberries and Coconut Cream, Up Close

I have to be honest: like a lot of people, I’m not that into Valentine’s Day. It’s not so much that I think it’s a Hallmark-conspiracy or anything like that. I just think you should celebrate love every chance you get, not just for one day in February. That being said, you’ll never catch me complaining about an excuse to make (and eat) dessert.

I’m normally a super rich, molten chocolate kind of person — the richer, the better. The man in my life? He’s not nearly as big a fan of hyper-decadent desserts, so I wanted to make something we could both enjoy. This recipe, drunken strawberries with coconut cream, is the result.

Fresh strawberries are cooked down with sweet moscato and sugar, then spooned on top of thick coconut cream. The subtle sweetness of the coconut cream complements the wine-simmered strawberries perfectly. This dessert is rich and satisfying, but still easy to eat. No chocolate fatigue here!

The strawberries and coconut cream could not be easier to prepare, and they present beautifully. Plus, this dessert is all-natural: there’s nothing artificial or processed here. It’s also a great way to spoil the vegan in your life. Share it with someone special, or just treat yourself!

Here’s how to put everything together. Read more…


Holiday Treat! Gluten-Free Mint-Fudge Cookies

Gluten-Free Mint-Fudge Cookies

I am wayyy past due for my first cookie recipe for the holidays. I clearly need to get my priorities in order.

To kick off Baking Season 2012, I made these mint-fudge cookies. Mint + chocolate = CHRISTMAS, and I love it. These cookies are a nice, light take on the classic combination. It’s like a meringue and a normal cookie got together to have a minty, chocolatey baby. The tops are slightly crisp, but on the bottom they’re fudgy and soft. Made with a mix of dark cocoa and regular cocoa, the cookies are satisfyingly chocolatey without being overwhelming.

Did I mention that it only takes about 30 minutes from start to finish to make an enormous batch? And they’re only 25 calories each? Awesome. Plus, since there isn’t any flour in this recipe, these mint-fudge cookies are perfect for the gluten-free guy or gal in your life. Just make sure that your flavor extracts are gluten-free too (like the ones from McCormick).

Here’s the recipe! Read more…

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