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Work-Week Lunch: Kale & Chickpea Rice Bowl

Chickpea and Kale Rice Bowl

As I mentioned in my post late last week, I’m doing a lot of Bikram yoga these days. To meet the physical demands of my practice, I have seriously upped my protein game.

My former go-to lunch during the week was something filling but ultimately light — like a big leafy salad or bowl of vegetable soup. That doesn’t really cut it for me these days. Those things have a time and a place, of course; they’re just not the kind of meal that can give me everything I need before a workout.

This kale and chickpea rice bowl is one of my new favorite meals. It’s not so different from my other veggie-based bowls — it just has a bit more nutritional heft. First of all, there is a ton of protein for meatless dish : 11 grams per serving. If you want to boost that stat even higher, have a hard boiled egg on the side for an extra 6 grams. There are lots of other happy nutritional moments happening in this bowl too: one serving has 132% of your vitamin A for the day, and 119% of your vitamin C.

Frozen kale and canned chickpeas make for easy prep. Toss everything in the pan with a little olive oil and you’re on your way. From start to finish, this dish takes maybe 30 minutes to prepare (and most of that time is spent waiting for the rice to cook). It keeps well in the fridge too, so you’ll have no trouble riding this meal out for a few days. Love it.

Recipe after the jump! Read more…


Allll the Leftovers! Open-Faced Turkey Sandwich with Spicy Hummus and Melted Cheese

Open-faced turkey sandwich with spicy hummus and melted cheese

So it’s the day after Thanksgiving. You open your fridge, and all you see is turkey. It’s just like that Tennyson poem: “Turkey to the right of them, turkey to the left of them…”

…Ok, so maybe I’m *slightly* misquoting here, but you get the idea. There is a lot of turkey in this piece.

This open-faced turkey sandwich is a good place to start if you want to make progress through your Thanksgiving-leftover stockpile. It’s hardly a groundbreaking notion — turkey sandwiches are always a dietary staple in late November. The thing I like about this version is that it’s a relatively light (but still satisfying) take on the classic. I mean, do you really need to douse your sandwich in gravy and stack multiple meats as high as you can get them? Read more…


Cheap, Easy, Good: Spicy Italian Sausage Soup


While I always feel extra-virtuous when I’m eating a big bowl of vegetables, health-consciousness is NOT the main reason why I avoid cooking meat. The real reason I don’t cook meat more often? Unless it’s a Sunday afternoon and I have tons of time to kill, I am the world’s laziest cook. I worked all day long! The last thing I want to do when I get home is fool with some thick cut of meat. No one has time for that. I mean, really. I’ll just make a salad.

For a long time, my favorite cashier at the grocery store thought I was a vegetarian. “Nope!” I said, when he asked. “I just like vegetables a lot.” Occasionally though, I (or someone who loves me) throw a few bites of meat into my cart. Then, things like this spicy Italian sausage soup happen.

It’s super easy, super simple, and super quick. It took me just 40 minutes to make from start to finish, vegetable prep and all. And it’s just delicious to eat — probably one of my favorite soups I’ve ever made. The spice from the Italian sausage flavors the whole dish throughout. Something about that extra bit of fat makes it feel like a real treat. There’s also a little twist that makes the soup extra delicious: Greek yogurt! Stir it in at the very end to add just a little creaminess and tang. Read the full recipe after the jump! Read more…


Coconut Couscous with Cilantro and Lime

Coconut couscous, nutty and bright

As I mentioned in my post a few weeks ago, I recently rediscovered the wonders of couscous. I became a little obsessed with it actually — I researched all kinds of varieties to see what new things I could play with. I fixated on tri-color pearl (aka Israeli) couscous. It just looks so beautiful on a plate! It’s like the couscous is its own adornment. Unfortunately for me, they didn’t seem to have any Israeli couscous in my local grocery store. I suppose I could have gotten it at another shop, but frankly, I am too cheap and lazy to shop anyplace else. I took it as a sign and tried to put the couscous out of my mind.

But one day, several weeks after the onset of my obsession, it revealed itself to me: tri-color pearl couscous in my regular grocery store, for under 3.50 a pound. I combined some of my favorite flavors — coconut, cilantro, and citrus — to celebrate my find.

This coconut couscous is lightly nutty and bright, fragrant with cilantro, garlic, and lime. To keep the calories and fat low, I used an unsweetened blend of almond milk and coconut milk instead of pure coconut milk. It works beautifully in this dish. If you can’t find coconut-almond milk, feel free to use a blend of coconut milk and water instead.

The coconut couscous is a great side for just about anything. Try pairing it with marinated grilled flank steak, garlic shrimp, or skewered chicken and vegetables. Read more…


Fit and Fresh: Strawberry Salad with Lemon-Basil Dressing

strawberry salad with lemon-basil dressing

I have some version of this strawberry salad for lunch almost every day. I love salads like this for a couple of reasons.

1. Size matters: This thing is ENORMOUS. It’s not some piddling side salad that will leave you feeling even hungrier than you were before you ate. This is a salad mountain, my friends. After this meal, you’ll feeling full and satisfied — not deprived.

2. Looks matter too: Honestly, what a gorgeous meal. You’ll get compliments on it, I promise. And guess what? Those colorful veggies aren’t just pretty. All those beautiful colors mean nutrients. This strawberry salad will do nothing but good things for you.

3. Simple and convenient: Like I said earlier, I make a salad like this for lunch every day. I’m a working woman, so that means I have to make it travel. It’s super easy. In the morning, I toss the dressing ingredients together in a little bottle. I put the mixed greens in one container and the chopped vegetables in another. Done and done. When I get hungry, I plate it. It doesn’t get much easier (or cheaper!) than that.

I really like this version because the strawberries and chopped almonds make the salad just a little bit special. In spite of the cold weather, it makes me feel like spring is just around the corner. The lemon-basil dressing is the perfect complement to the flavors of the salad. It’s bright and clean and subtly sweet — just the thing for those juicy strawberries.

Here’s the recipe. Read more…

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